Artificial Intelligence (AI)

AI helps acquire, explore data and collect behavioral patterns to prepare data models. This will be implemented to develop the PaPi System into the AI Pet Guardian eventually.

PaPi System could provide sound healthcare advice to users, as well as a meaningful database for animal medical care and urban planning for the government in the coming future. 

  • Machine learning 
  • Acquire & explore data
  • Behavioral patterns
  • Biological patterns
    • Menstruation, estrous cycle
  • Prepare data model 
    • Interpret with domain expert 
    • Implement into platform

IoT & 5G

With the speed of 5G, the overall performance of data transfer such as push alerts, positioning accuracy, as well as real-time streaming of pet’s perspective via a tiny camera will be maximized. 

Moreover, the whole PaPi System will also leverage and employ IoT technologies that are compatible with common IoT standards. 

  • Animal sensors
    • Temperature
    • Heartbeat
    • Walking distance
    • Stride length & frequency
  • GPS – location
  • Bluetooth LE – mobile & smart collar
  • 5G network – streaming